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The Ultimate Online Typing Test

TypingSkills.net is a free online typing course that allows you to learn how to type without creating an account. The philosophy behind the training is to quickly learn to find all the letters on the keyboard blindly, after which you will naturally gain typing skills in daily use. That's why the website doesn't offer games and other complicated training. The website offers a basic training for learning finger positions and keys. In addition, the website offers a typing test to measure your typing skills. The use of the website is free for everyone.


TypingSkills.net offers a variety of exercises to help you improve your typing skills. These exercises are designed to help you learn the finger positions and keys on your keyboard. You can access these exercises by visiting Exercises.


The website supports various languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German. In addition, the typing course supports various keyboards:

  1. QWERTY: Used in most English-speaking countries
  2. QWERTZ: Used in Germany and Central Europe
  3. AZERTY: Used in France and Belgium
  4. Dvorak: An alternative to QWERTY designed to reduce finger movement
  5. Colemak: Another alternative to QWERTY designed for efficient typing
  6. Workman: A keyboard layout optimized for comfortable touch typing

You can learn more about the supported keyboards by visiting Keyboards.

Test Your Typing Speed

TypingSkills.net also offers an online typing test to measure your typing speed and accuracy. This typing speed test is a great way to practice your typing skills and improve your typing speed. You can take the typing test by visiting Typing Test.

Start Now!

  1. TypingSkills.net is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their typing skills.
  2. With its variety of exercises, support for multiple languages and keyboards, and online typing test, it has everything you need to become a fast and accurate typist.
  3. So why wait? Start your training today!
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